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This product is out of stock. Please look at the RemoteLock 7i model for a commercial lock.

The internet-controlled RemoteLock 6i is perfect for your rental property, home or office use.  This robust WiFi enabled door lock allows users to lock or unlock doors remotely, know when people unlock your door, and even receive text alerts when codes are used. Issue new codes or delete codes from your computer or phone. Even give temporary codes to guests or office personnel.

Perfect for Airbnb hosts. Works with Airbnb Host Assist to automatically generate guest codes. Read More

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The internet-controlled RemoteLock 6i is perfect for your vacation rental property, home or office use.  This robust WiFi enabled door lock allows users to manage doors remotely, know when people unlock your door, and even receive text alerts when codes are used. Issue new codes or delete codes from your computer or phone. Even give temporary codes to guests or office personnel.

  •  WiFi enabled lock connects directly to existing routers
  •  Weather proof finish & keypad
  •  One-touch lock button to quickly lock door on the way out
  •  Up to 1000 user codes or guest codes available to store in its memory
  •  View access history in real time from online account
  • Add or delete users remotely
  • Remotely issue codes that can be used after the next heart beat update
  •  Set scheduled access times for users (Eg. M-F, 9-5)
  •  Choose between passage or storehouse mode
  •  Set schedules to passage mode, or even lock or unlock door automatically at scheduled times
  •  Set to privacy mode to temporarily disable all user codes
  •  Lockout functionality (after 5 incorrect attempts)
  •  Low Battery Warning
  • Integrates with the RemoteLock ACS cloud-based access control system
  • Works with Airbnb Host Assist Program

Lock Weight:  6LB
Power Source:  4 AA Alkaline Batteries
Keypad:  Weather Proof Keypad
Handle:  Reversible Lever
Door Thickness:  1 3/8″ to 2″
Keyway:  Schlage C6
Temperature:  -30 to 120 degrees F (-34 to 50C) C6
Front Lock Height:  6 ¾”
Front Width:  3”
Back Height:  6 ¾”
Back Width:  3”
Key Hole to Top of Lock:  5 1/8”
Working Current:  50 mA
Idle Current:  5 μA
Lock Back Time:  5 (1 – 25) Seconds
Working Voltage:  4.8-6.4V
Low Battery Warning:  4.8V or lower

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To better understand installation of the lock, please click here.

If ordering from Europe, check out partner’s site at

** Please be advised that the RemoteLock does require a minimum $0.99 a month service fee in order to remotely connect to your lock. For more details on monthly subscription pricing, download the pdf here. With more questions please email


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in


  1. Trinus Technologies Canada

    We recommend and distribute this product to our small business and government clients. Very robust construction and design… ideal outdoor lock for Canadian winters. Audit log and wireless connectivity ensures agencies are compliant with Federal and Provincial privacy and IT security laws. Terrific “server room” doorway security!

  2. Casey

    I have had this lock for almost as long as it has been available. (Pre-ordered it last year) It was easy to install, and looks great. I have mine set up so any time some one unlocks the door I get a text on my phone. From the time the door is unlocked to the time the text is received is as close to real time as you can get. No more then a minute wait.

    A few things this lock is missing is a back lit keyboard if there is no ambient light around to see you are locked out. I would also like the ability to see one time use codes. I have had a few people stop over around the holidays to drop stuff off when I was not home and did not want anything left outside. I had to give them a code to get in, however don’t want them to have access any time they want. If i was able to set up a few one time use codes in the lock i could give them out as needed and not have to worry about giving out a permanent code or having to go in and alter codes once they are done.

  3. Juan Arias

    I ordered (3) LS-6i WiFi Enabled Lock for vacation rentals located on an island off the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. They have worked like a charm with very few hiccups which have always been resolved one way or another. I love being able to program codes remotely from California while getting live notifications of codes entering my properties. The locks are holding up in tropical hot temperatures, and spurs of heavy rain. I am interested to see if they survive a hurricane ;)!

    – durable
    – remote programming (even if electricity fails and wifi is off… the locks continues working). The only issue here is if you need to program a new code while electricity is off and you have no wifi. You would have to get someone to program the code manually at the door… but again, always a solution available with this lock.
    – Live text/email notifications to various phones, and e-mails.
    – Easy to install, remove, and re-install. I can do it with my eyes closed now after doing it 2-3 times.
    – Portal (online) is waaaay better and a lot more functional.

    – When you do run into a bigger technical hiccup… hard to immediately reach tech support. However, they will eventually contact you or if you’re ok with waiting on the phone for 30-40 mins due to a small staff.
    – No ambient lighting for keypad so you can easily see the numbers at night time.
    – The app needs to be updated so that it is fully functional.
    – Would love a longer warranty (i think it’s a year now, I believe…) since the cost is high.

    Overall, this the best solution (for me) after doing a lot of research online. I needed something that can help me run my business and this lock/solution has done exactly that… I hope that this company continues to grow so that they can provide even better tech support, locks, and services.

  4. J Ngwafam

    Love this lock! Great control over user codes, log in anywhere! Change codes instantly. Get notifications on my phone if anyone uses the door or even attempts to. Very easy customization! Lock responds right away. only uses WiFi. Great for small businesses or big ones.

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